As seen on ITV ‘Rebuild my Home’ 2.6.15https://www.itv.com/itvplayer/rebuild-our-home/series-1/episode-1-rebuild-our-home

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From creating a new home space on ITV’s ReBuild your Home.

It was wonderful to work with Julia Kendall and the team, to create such a magical space from the ashes!

Luminous Skys glow in the dark ceilings create the most remarkable and entirely bespoke

glow in the dark mural of a window on a interior wall.
This will not be seen in the day, therefore it will not detract from your day time decor .

luminescent Art from children’s luminescent ceilings to Spa Rooms. Each ceiling is a totally unique, hand-painted creation, that will light up your evenings with amazing luminescent Art.


Using safe, non toxic phosphorescent paint, Luminous Skys will work with you to design, create and custom paint the most radiant ceilings, walls & portable canvas art.



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temporal-rift-in-darkness-2temporal-rift-in-daylightTemporal Rift in Total Darkness      …….      Reverts back to normal during the day! 


Example Images For Children’s Bedrooms

glow in the dark children's murals, luminous art by IzzyArts

invisible in the day, a sky at night
Glow in the dark art.

young child’s mystical bedroom ceiling…your child will never be in the dark again


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