2013 Avatar glow in the dark mural

Glow in the dark Avatar murals for children’s bedrooms in the North East. Glowing mystical Avatar forest, with Cameron’s Avatar tree and glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. Hand panted mural art that glows all night.

Yes luminous-skys is exited to announce it is Avatar time again! This time we are transforming a small cottage bed room for a lucky young lady in north Yorkshire into a magical glowing Avatar forest, which will only be seen at bedtime. During the day it is a freshly painted apple white normal looking room. Night time is when the magic is to be seen.


Can you imagine her surprise the first time she turns off the light! Wow what an amazing present from her dad that she will be delighted with.
The whole interior will be tastefully painted by hand, into a glow in the dark wonderland, very similar to the night time scenes in the 2013 Avatar film.
See phosphorescent plants, the Avatar tree, stars flowing up the walls and onto the ceiling.

The cool luminous colours will glow between 6-12 hours in total darkness and the mural has the ability to change throughout the evening due to the light storing ability’s of each of the special pigments used by the artist.

We have an unlimited number of original options available for you in a variety of different styles of artwork, not to mention the applications as almost anything can be transformed with this fantastic phosphorescent paint!
It doesn’t have to Avatar, it could be a night sky or moonlit clouds, starry cosmos or a mathematically accurate constellation which is a passive learning tool for your children.

Just imagine what you can do for your child! The possibilities are almost unlimited!
With this unique custom approach both you and your children can create a totally unique special space custom designed with you by you.

Your mural will be self charging and almost invisible in the day if required, yet in darkness it will glow all night long. From a single wall to all walls, even the ceiling, together we create the environment that your children want to live in.

Contact Izzy for professional luminous mural art in Newcastle and the North East on 07449335288

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