Every night my walls and ceilings disappeared to be replaced with a luminous forest from Where The Wild Things Are but are back again in the morning.

When I was 7 my mother and father split up and I have to say it felt pretty destructive, to say it was a challenging time for me is an under statement! I often wondered if it was my fault. At school I seemed to be the odd one out due to being an arty geek and this spilled into my much of my childhood and life in so many ways.

What I did learn, had to learn at an early age, how to cope and somehow make the best of a situation I honestly could not make any real sense out of at the time. My dad went one way and my mother another and me another, I just did the best I could.

Well, I felt I was, somewhere pulled in between. A classically displaced kid in any sense of the word. My one way out was reading and imagination. Get me right reading was very difficult for me because in today’s world I would have been classed as dsyletic – only kidding dyslectic. So the pictures probably more than the words really offered a way for me to escape and in my child like way try to make sense of a horrible situation.

glow in the dark children's murals, luminous art

glow in the dark Avatar forest at night

What I loved to read again and again was ‘WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE’ – You might know this,  it was a child hood favorite. In some ways this has always stayed with me as a source of inspiration and comfort. What I loved, an still remember, ( I am almost 40 now ) is to go back to that one passage in that amazing book where the room transforms literally into another world where ‘Max sails away for a year and a day’ and helps my imagination move in ways that make so much unfairness in the world disappear.

If you haven’t read it, you should because it opens a place in my heart even now as an adult that reminds me what it is to dream and find a sanctuary in the wild and unpredictable world.

It is this desire to create another world, within the confines of a building. A place of peace and adventure, a safe magical place from which, to just be as you are. From child to adults I think we all have similar needs.

The reason I tell you this about me is, I had a call from a man, with a very special request for his daughter. This invitation totally intrigued me, so we met over a pot of tea and had a chat. He told me his story of a recent divorce and his story really struck my heart because I remembered my own feelings and situation with my mam and dad. I remember how I felt as a child as I listened, I was determined and able to make a difference to both their lives.

As a result of a divorce and being a good father in light of it all.  He wanted to make sure his daughter, in his new home, had her own space, her own room, with her own things. He had already decorated it lovingly but what he really wanted, was to give her the stars.  Literally! As well as a sure sense of security that his daughter’s new room would be all hers and all her own. This was his way to let her know she is the most special little girl in the world. To help her feel happy in her second home, dads and hers.

I asked what it was she liked, cartoon characters like Gru in Despicable Me, or perhaps favorite people like a singer or musician or a sports star but he said she was absolutely mad about the film Avatar. Avatar is such an amazing and captivating film that lends itself beautifully to this art form.

I found out exactly what it was she loved so much and once I knew some more details I was able to plan something that would transform the entire bedroom into a luminous Avatar Pandora forest. Just like the night time scenes in the Avatar film. With phosphorescent plants around the waters edge and stars flowing up the walls and onto the ceiling.

children's wall murals, glow in the dark art, www.luminous-sky.co.uk

Avatar Pandora forest glowing in the dark with hanging plants above a waterfall.

So during the day, While she was at school, I prepared the room, and using my designs, I painted all day long. Only stopping for the welcome cups of tea that was so kindly brought up to me by her father. My job was to complete and entire room and ceiling during the day, to get it finished before the most special person in the world came home from school. I honestly can’t describe my excitement and urgency!

She arrived a little early and an amazing father kept her busy downstairs until I was finished. Very soon I went down and gave dad a nod,…’it’s finished’ I said, she ran up stairs and into the room (which still had the floor coverings down) she looked around at the beautifully decorated room and she was surprised expecting a picture on the wall, but it was just the walls and ceiling.

glow in the dark, mural art invisable in the day, luminous art

Glow in the dark mural is almost invisible when the light are on,
it looks like an ordinary room, what a surprise when the lights are out.

Then I Turned Out The Lights!

Once the room was plunged into darkness, it was transported in a flick of a light switch, to the Pandora forest at night. The door now becomes the ‘Tree of Souls’, Cascades of luminescent tendrils’ hang around the dark trunk. The adjacent wall became the shadowy shapes of vine limbs, a distant waterfall and bright exotic glowing plants around the waters edge. Soul Seeds float here and there with a galaxy of stars above her head. This is an amazing effect in total darkness as there is nothing to focus on except the sparkles of luminosity glimmering against the blackness of night.

Silence…..Ho! I thought! Is it what she hoped for ?…then she just sat down and turned to her dad ( as it was dark) and said in a soft voice ‘wow!’ …’its amazing!.’… another long pause…’ Its just like the real thing ! ……… I love it!’ its cool…awesome! ‘Thanks dad!!!

It was fantastic to be witness to the feelings in that room! She was amazed and her dad had got the reaction he wanted. He had given her something so very unique that no other child in her the whole world could have!

The love was felt all around, Wow, It was sooo special to be a part in this.

glow in the dark children's murals, luminous art

Glow in the dark Avatar forest at night

A few days later I received a text. I was so touched……… I heard the kids had a sleepover with their friends from school, and Dads gift and house was the centre of his daughters attention.

I feel compelled as an artist to make it possible, for you, to give your child a magical space all of their own and so help nurture the deep relationships that are so important with you and for your children.

If you are reading this far perhaps you are a father with children who has or is having the experience of divorce. If you are, perhaps you have a daughter or son who really can’t understand what is happening in their world of mum and dad. Perhaps you simply want to do something amazing for your child.

Children are young for such a short time, and each year is filled with change. You can give your child the most precious gift of all – a lasting experience of knowing how special they are to you.

Information You Need To Know.

  • The cool luminous colours will glow between 8-12 hours in total darkness and the mural has the ability to change throughout the evening due to the light storing properties of each special pigment.
  • The murals are maintenance free, and charge themselves every day while they are invisible only to be seen in the night. The pigments I use are extremely high quality and are totally safe and toxic free.
  • I can complete a full mural in one day unless it is very big, then this will take between two and three days.
  • We have an unlimited number of original options available for you in a variety of different styles of artwork, not to mention the applications. Almost anything can be transformed with this fantastic phosphorescent art!
  • I Will Help You All Of The Way, When You Choose Your Design. It doesn’t have to Avatar as in this amazing story of a father, who literally made a dream come true.

It could be a night sky or moonlit clouds, starry cosmos or a mathematically accurate constellation which is a passive learning tool for your children. It could be their favorite cartoon character or part of any favorite book or DVD.

You see, the sky is not the limit, we are limited only by our imaginations. I make the dark come alive!  Just let me know what you want to create for your children and I will do the rest in amazing luminous paints.

Have the ability to transform space! Just like a genie, all you do is click your fingers ( well the light switch ) every evening and magically transform your room into the universe around you.

All you need to do to provide your children’s dreams,  an idea that will make a safe and spectacular place for your children, do this and I will do the rest. You can contact me on 0744 933 5288 and I will be back with you usually under 48 hours.

What You Are Going To Have From Me, Izzy:

  • A safe and wonderful room where you children are reminded of how much you care.
  • A unique mural designed just for your children that is safe and will outlast the room decor.
  • The knowing you have done something your children will always remember.

What You Will Do:

  • Ensure the walls are ready for me to paint on them.
  • Set aside the room for me to do this, when your child is not there.
  • Love the end result!

Who You Will Be As A Result:

  • The most amazing parent, The special one!
  • A delighted parent, that you know you have made something magical.
  • A parent that knows, they have done something that will last forever in your little ones hearts.

You Probably Want To Know The Cost?

Depending on the detail and volume of luminescent paint, the price varies. A basic star field is only £3.20 per squared foot. This is based on the area size, detail and luminosity level.

The more detail and space, naturally increases the cost of work. Remember you are investing in making dreams come true and what you are really doing is leaving a life long impression and creating a safe and wonderful place for the ones you love the most.

Contact me, Izzy, for a chat and see how, together we can do one of thee most amazing things a parent can do for their children. Give them Magic!

Contact me Izzy on 0744 933 5288 and we will work together to make sure your children’s and your dreams can come true in the same place.

Glow In The Dark Ceilings

All NEW Amazing ceilings, finally making an appearance in the North East !

The New Glow in the Dark starry sky’s inside your home! …..NO NOT the little stickers ok!

This is far Superior in Artistry and made possible with the new development of Rare Earth Pigments….(these are non toxic pigments that will give of a subtle glow for hours into the evening.)

The mural wont be seen during the day, but in the evening when the lights are low…flick the switch off and watch how they glow!


wow ! glow in the dark art paint

Just imagine what you can do with this fantastic phosphorescent paint! The possibilities are almost unlimited!

You could help your children create their own glow artwork on their bedroom wall, which will only be seen at bedtime.

It has a multitude of practical applications as well, for instance painting beautiful patterns around light switches, door handles, bed side table edges etc (easy to find in the dark) Even paint your dogs favourite toy so it will be easily spotted on dark evening walks. (The pigment is totally non-toxic, and waterproof)