You should have seen his face!..stars in the bedroom.

While he was away delivering a conference I created a star field on his bedroom ceiling.

This is a luminous, glow in the dark ceiling.

I painted clouds above the bed head and a cosmos of stars and galaxies flowing into the ceiling. I paint in the dark, it’s a skill I have been developing for many years. The paints I work with are rare-earth alkaline metals and typically glow up to 8 hours with the aqua colour visible up to 12 hours. The green colour even longer.

He gave me a call when he arrived back at the station and see he was on his way so I had about 40 minutes to finish and tidy up.,… He’s on his way!… ho no!… As I quickly started to put things back to exactly the way they were before he left.

It can be tricky to surprise him but this time he knew nothing about my little surprise. And until the lights go out he wouldn’t know at all. You see it’s totally invisible in normal day light or with the lights on. When the lights go out – now that is when the magic really happens!

Even so, you should have seen his face! It  was a picture!!  The door was open a little bit so I could just see his grin. He just said, “Wow!…….. That’s amazing!… Wow !… I love you! This is such an amazing surprise.” We laid hugging underneath the stars in the comfort of home.

Because its easy to extend and add to, there will soon be the addition of ceiling. A precise scale rendition of the Andromeda galaxy but that is another story.

For professional glow in the dark ceiling design, North East Uk and nationwide. From children’s bedroom murals to bespoke art for interiors , glow in the dark Starry ceilings and luminescent canvas art.

For a unique luminous ceiling in 2015

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glowing art for bedrooms, chrismas is coming, what a prezy!!!

Using the phosphorescent rare-earth pigments your moons can be invisible in the day appearing in the evening and glowing all night long and charging itself in daylight. This looks fantastic!
(hears an e.g. however the pic has been digitally enhanced otherwise you would not be able to see the back ground room in darkness) Alternately traditional painting techniques as well as the pigment creates light sensitive changing art.
the possibility’s are limited only by our minds.

cartoon characters for your children’s bedroom walls

luminous children bedroom wall art

Imagine this … When you were a child picture the scene of living in a place where all of your favourite stories, characters and DVD’s come to life in your very own bedroom. You maybe did not have a bedroom like this, where all of your favourite cartoon characters like Hong Kong Phooey, The cast from Scooby Doo to the long forgotten Magic Roundabout….Anything your little one wants!

what IzzyArts can do for you is create the amazing luminous-skys in your children’s magical bedroom space. Your mural will be self charging and almost invisible in the day if required, yet in darkness it will glow all night long

Glow in the  dark wall art, fab for children’s bedrooms and interiors murals, individual  and  bespoke to you.

We have an unlimited number of options available for you in a variety of different styles of artwork, not to mention the applications as almost anything can be transformed by airbrush and creativity!