Childrens Wall Art – Glow In The Dark Avatar Mural

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Avatar Pandora forest glowing in the dark

Two days in the painting. A custom theme designed for a very special young girl who is absolutely mad about the film Avatar,the soul seeds and the immediately recognisable Tree Of Souls.

Luminous glow in the dark wall art, depicting the Pandora forest,
The door has been made to blend seamlessly into the walls, this is fabulously to painting glow in the dark art directly across all walls and ceiling, creating another world when the door is shut…turn off the light and be transported into the Pandora Forest in Avatar. Surrounded with exotic glowing plants, a distant waterfall, floating seeds from the Tree of souls and stars above your head! (where did the room go?)


Lights on…the mural is almost invisible! …

glow in the dark mural art    invisible in the day,

the photo below is of the exact  same camera angle, taken seconds later,by a fantastic photographer in total darkness using a slow shutter speed. You can still make out the dark shape of the radiator.

glow in the dark children's murals, luminous art

Avatar forest glowing in the dark

IzztArts have an unlimited number of original options available for you in a variety of different styles of artwork, not to mention the applications as almost anything can be transformed with this fantastic luminous star art!
It doesn’t have to Avatar, it could be a night sky or moonlit clouds, starry cosmos or a mathematically accurate constellation, which are all available as glow in the dark murals which is also a learning and development experience for your children.

Just imagine what you can do for your child! The possibilities are almost unlimited!
This unique glow in the dark art is customised to both you and your children. Luminous skies can create a totally unique special space custom designed with you, For You.

Glow in the dark art and murals by IzzyArts

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