give them stars…pass it on!

If you had a good childhood …pass it on!

Are you a parent, one who hopefully had a very positive and happy child hood? Was that shaped and created by your patents? I bet you have lots of childhood memories of positive and happy times. Sure you do but can you name them?

Many of us who look back and know we have had amazing parents can’t actually name all those specific memories but that doesn’t matter, we do know.  And there are some we can’t forget.

In my own life, my father over countless times taught me to be creative and value nature.  What I remember were those nights when it was crisp and clear and we would look out into the universe, using the telescope, while stretching each others imaginations about time and space.

As a parent, everything you do, create and share with your children is precious and some memory’s will endure a life time.

That why is this seriously important?

Our memories are formed through our daily experience and also by the last thing we see and experience before sleep. So can you imagine seeing a galaxy of stars and heavens just before you go to sleep every night? Even if you live in a city. Knowing your parents put it there? As a gift of love.

It could be the heavens full of stars, Aurora-Borealis or the night sky with clouds and moonlight. There are all manner possibilities from horoscopes to invisible windows.

The murals are almost invisible in the day while charging. It appears like magic  when you turn out the light. The phosphorescent pigment gives off real light, like real stars! This is an amazing effect in total darkness as there is nothing to focus on except the sparkles of luminosity glimmering in the blackness, opening up such a magical depth and space to Relax in.

Imagine there face the first time you turn out the lights.   looking through moon lit clouds into another world with stars, galaxies and planets. In the safe comfort of bed the universe will be revelled night after night.

The magic begins here …With your ideas … Luminous Skys will help you create something, only you as a parent can truly give your children, and that is a personal enriching safe space … The possibilities are almost unlimited! All you need to do is provide your children’s dreams and IzzyArts will do the rest.


All of the artwork is bespoke to give you an exact price I will need to know the size of the ceiling, (the size of your Windows, I will explain later) and of course the design of the artwork, as well as travel costs throughout theUK, but as an indication, a basic star field is now £ 8.50 p/ft plus travel costs.

I offer custom and bespoke art for your children’s bedroom that will stay with them, from you, for a life time.

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