Glow In The Dark Childrens Bedroom Walls and Ceilings – Sunderland and Northumberland

Children’s luminous bedroom ceilings and walls painted as bespoke glow in the dark artwork. Totally safe, non-toxic custom glow in the dark ceilings and walls to light up and illuminate your special little one’s bedroom.

As a parent you can probably remember as a child how important your own space in your own bedroom was to you. You can be sure this is the same for your child. Imagine that you could give your child the chance to decorate their bedroom walls and ceiling with some glow in the dark, luminous bedroom art work that they have chosen? Well you can!

It is well know that when the environment we live and play in is enriched we are more positively stimulated to learn play and have fun.  Having bespoke art work where bedroom walls come alive with phosphorescent ceiling and wall art will certainly count as an enriched environment. You could choose…

  • Favourite Sports personalities Glow In The Dark Wall Art
  • Luminous Ceilings with Galaxy’s and Planets
  • Glow In The Dark Pet and Animal Portraits
  • Landscapes the Glow In The Dark wall pieces

Individual mixing and blending the powders and paints for phosphorescent bedroom art to achieve the right level of luminosity and the correct balance of the luminous colours means that each glow in the dark children’s bedroom art is totally unique and very much a custom piece of luminous bedroom art just for you.

Children’s luminous bedroom art is a unique creation just for your child. Having a glow in the dark children’s ceiling and wall art makes their space very special and because your child can choose the type of luminous bedroom art they want it will make an excellent present and a really wonderfully enriched environment.

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