Prices & How To Commission

Placing the commission is far easier than you may have imagined.

Artist painting with light

    • IzzyArts tailors each artwork to your specifications and the price is determined by the time and materials needed, as well as travelling costs. ( I am based in Northumberland and travel throughout the UK)
    • The prices vary depending on the artwork, the density of the luminous pigment and of course your bedroom size. Once I know this I can give you an exact price. But as an indication, a basic star field is £8.50 p/sq/ft and enhanced artwork £9.50 p/sq/ft ( It need not be the entirely ceiling)
  • Next we create the design. Drop me a line and have a chat or use e-mail via the contact page, whichever you prefer. I often find it easier talking in person and I am also happy to call you back!
  • Then we develop any ideas that you may already have or alternatively we can give you ideas and options which you may not have thought were available to you. What you see on our website is a small taster of what can be created (literally the tip of the iceberg.)
  • If you have any visual ideas already, that’s fabulous! Just pop them through e-mail or alternatively for convenience  you could use WebCam via Skype and chat directly with the artist until you are happy with something just perfect for you!
  • Optional :- At the final design stage, if you’re still unsure about your choices we are able to superimpose the artwork upon a photo of your desired location (this will incur a deposit of £100 which is included in the total cost on completion of the work) This gives you an indication of how your mural will look once completed and without any risks! …What have you got to lose?
  • Once you are totally happy with your chosen design a final quote will be given as well as an estimate of how long the work will take. Travel costs are worked out depending on your location, and a deposit of £100. is required. (This it totally refundable on completion of the work.) this can be made by cheque, direct bank transfer or the Pay-Pal on-line payment system.
  • A date can then be scheduled at your convenience.
  • The cost can be paid in two instalments if you wish, however payment must be made in full on the day of completion.

Most of our custom is via word-of-mouth, this is why we would like to hear from you if you have  referred someone to us, and thank you kindly!

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