Luminous Bespoke Bedroom Ceilings In Sunderland And Newcastle

Luminous ceilings painting in Sunderland and Newcastle from Izzy Reay. Custom bedroom and living room ceilings that glow in the dark yet can’t be seen in daylight because phosphorescent ceilings art work glows in the dark.

How you choose to decorate the inside of you home speaks volumes about your personal style and preferences. What you and every other person sees when they enter you home leaves a little imprint. Internal decoration and style will reflect your creative moods and energy.

What if you could have personalised art works that you have either chosen, designed or approved that are only visible in the dark. It is like having a favourite picture, theme or symbolic design that lights up and looks great.

The luminescent paints phosphorescent powders that are hand mixed by Izzy to give various levels of luminescence and a particular coloured glow. Each art work whether its a luminous ceiling design such as a star field, or luminous wall mural such as tree of life or dancing forms; Each creation is truly individual and just for you.

Bespoke glow in the dark art work for walls, ceilings and your internal space. Sunderland and Newcastle phosphorescent ceilings and walls custom artwork to change your inner worlds.

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