Luminous Glow In The Dark Wall Art – Northumberland and Sunderland

In the North East there is one place where you can have custom interior art that glows in the dark illuminating your walls and ceilings. Luminous bedroom ceilings and bespoke wall art in Newcastle and Sunderland that will add remarkable wall murals that are invisible during the day.

The particular way your home looks and feels can say a great deal about your values and tastes. It really is very unique to have art work in your home that has two very different facets. One during the day and another comes alive when it is dark.

Imagine you can quite literally choose to have any piece of art work in a stylish set of canvases here you can see a galaxy of stars and planets only visible when it is dark. The glow in the dark wall art will actually provide subtle lighting because of the luminescent pigments used.

The materials used with luminous wall art and ceilings is non-toxic and completely safe. Each artwork is a custom creation where the individual glow in the dark colours are hand blended.

Glow in the dark ceilings and luminescent wall art at very agreeable prices in Newcastle and Sunderland. Luminous bespoke wall murals and ceiling art commissioned for you in Northumberland and Sunderland and each piece of luminous art is totally unique.

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