Luminous Skys showcased on ITV – Rebuild My Home at 8pm on 2.6.15

Luminous Skys showcased on ITV – Rebuild My Home at 8pm on 2.6.15

Everybody’s seen ‘DIY SOS’, well, ‘Rebuild Our Home’ is a similar program aired by ITV and I have been one of the contributors.

The scenario is this. One family’s home was destroyed by a house fire in 2014 and ‘Rebuild Our Home’ does the job of totally renovating and then decorating and making magic happen the family’s house.

I could immediately empathise with their plight as I my own family home was destroyed in a house fire in January 2004. …Everything stops! all life seems to cease to exist for days upon days, so I know what the family went through and I wanted to help!

I was invited by Julia Kendall, the shows top interior designer, to become part of the team that will create a home interior far better than they could possibly imagine. Julia asked me specifically to create a luminescent cosmic ceiling for the children’s games room as well as a large coloured day time Pac-man wall mural.

So I travelled up toGlasgowto meet Julia and the team, nervous though I was, as soon as I met Julia she made me feel totally at ease. We just rolled up her sleeves and just got stuck in.

There was an awful lot of work in a very short space of time but we all just made it happen!!! Everybody worked so fluidly together it was amazing to be a part of this buzz..

When you watch the show ( the last 10 minutes ) you will see the children’s eyes light up. I absolutely love the children’s reaction it is just what everyone hopes for!  To have the heavens in their own special place !   We find pure pleasure and luxury to be able to do this for somebody else and there loved ones.

Let Luminous skys transform the dark.

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